Bradford has a rich history in terms of the FFA Organization. Established on March 20th, 1930, the Bradford FFA started to reach for success. With the advising of Mr. W. C. Melvin, the Bradford FFA won many District, Regional, and State Championships. Hanging in our Ag room is an abundance of FFA Champion Pennants displaying the skills and knowledge which Bradford presented throughout the years. On display, we also possess three of the Instructional Championships Bradford received in their respective years. These trophies are the most prestigious awards earned in the State of Tennessee


Bradford FFA and Agricultural classes ceased to exist the year of 1976.  Shop classes still took place in the Bradford Agricultural Building until it was torn down a few years after. Around 1979, students started to get bused over to Gibson County for Vocational Classes.  


With the direction of Mr. Jerry Diviney and FFA Advisor Mr. John Paul Anglin, the Bradford High School regained the once prestigious FFA Chapter on May 29th, 2010. With a newly created Agricultural Program, building of the state of the art Ag Center started and was completed by 2011. We now offer an Animal System Course of Study and boast a large and active chapter. With enthusiastic and energetic students in FFA, we will rise to success again!


History of Agricultural Teachers


1931-1965= Mr. M.C. Melvin

1965-1966- Mr. Ratliffe Paschall

1966-1967- Mr. David Kimbell

1968-1976- Mr. Billy Greene


2010-2011- Mr. John Paul Anglin

2012- Mr. Josh Abel

2012-2015- Mr. Zach Cadwell

2015-Present- Mr. Kyle Gehring


For our actual Bradford FFA Website, please go to the following link: Bradford FFA or google bradfordhigh.ffanow.org