CTE Courses Available

Career and Technical Education 2016-2017

Bradford High School offers three Career and Technical Clusters that students may choose a program of study from that will allow them to prepare for postsecondary studies or work force entry. Each Cluster is composed of several Programs of Study. Each Program of Study has its own courses that students may choose to take. Programs of Study that we offer are listed here, along with their description and courses offered.

Human Services Cluster: Childhood Development
Personal Finance/Family Studies
Introduction to Human Studies
Child Development


Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources: This Career Cluster prepares learners for careers in the planning, implementation, production, management, processing and/or marketing of agricultural commodities and services. Our Program of Study, Environmental and Natural Resource Management, includes the following courses:


Ag. Natural Resource Management
Plant and Soil Science
Applied Ag.


Business Management and Administration Cluster prepares learners for careers in planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations. Career opportunities are available in every sector of the economy. Our Program of Study in Business Management includes the following courses:
Business economics/government
Computer applications
Principles of Business